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Our Rooms 

Learning Through Play

Our learning environments are designed to meet the needs of both children and families with specific goals and objectives. We focus on building from the strengths of each child and taking advantage of every teachable moment.


Our Little Lambs room is specifically for our under 2's. We have a non-mobile and mobile area to encourage your child's learning and development and is stage appropriate to their needs.


The self-contained area provides a sleeping area and food preparation area.

The Busy Bee’s room provides daycare for toddlers, with direct access to an exciting and challenging outdoor area.


The children have their own bathroom making toilet training (with parents' assistance) an easier task.

All the toys and equipment available have been carefully thought out and are age-appropriate and ensure that learning is fun! 


The Wise Owls room is specially designed to provide education for older children up to 5 years, with learning through play and pre-school education as their main focus. The children in Wise Owls have access to an interesting and challenging outdoor area.


We have employed a full-time Early Years Teacher to work with the children.  This provides a structured education approach and focuses on activities to support children’s readiness for school.

Outdoor Area

Each age group has access to our spectacular outdoor area which includes a race track, tree houses, slide and a 60ft pirate ship!

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